The Beauty of the Menstrual Cup

The Beauty of the Menstrual Cup

There are hundreds of articles out there on the greatness of the cup, most of them written by women like myself, who have fallen in love with the menstrual cup concept and application.

Here are my thoughts on the beauty of my Blossom cup.

It has been with me since the second year of my marriage. I actually heard about it from, a sight for tracking your cycle while trying to conceive.  The woman spoke about it in one of the threads in the provided forum.

I went to do research and really liked the whole idea from the very beginning. I never had any 'yuck' thoughts regarding cups, insertions, blood, etc. and I certainly didn't worry about blood spilling from the cup because I'd be sitting on the toilet anyway.

I bought my cup and tried it on my next cycle and found it hard to insert properly and it was uncomfortable but I persisted. The cup was about personal freedom, reducing waste and saving the earth, escaping the various chemicals in commercially made pads (I was an Always! girl), becoming more in tune with my body, reducing the excessive and painful cramping I'd get every month, and saving money towards more important things in my life.

I was determined to make it work for me. There is no reason it should not have worked. I was a married woman and I knew my body pretty well after a year of marriage! I wanted to try it and if nothing else, the cup could not hurt anything. So I persisted and used the cup for my whole cycle though it leaked some and I had to use a pad from the beginning to the end of cycle (except for the last 2 days).

Though it leaked some, I had less pain (a major plus), and my flow didn't seem as much though I can't know for sure since I've  never actually measured. And being a scientist, I was fascinated by the changing color of the blood and whatever other observations I cared to indulge in.

I continued to struggle with leaking for my cup, as well as insertion, some months giving me more trouble than others. But I kept at it. I ordered a larger one. I practiced my kegels (I don't know that it helped at all mind you) and I tried different ways of inserting. Laying my cup horizontal before entering it, leaving it open while entering it, wiggling it, pinching it, pulling it out after it has opened inside then pushing it inside again, running my finger around the rim, inserting my finger inside and pushing it into place if it didn't catch the cervix on entry, etc.

I learned so much about the cup and how to wear it comfortably, as well as my body in general and my vagina specifically. I loved the cup so much I recommended it to all my married friends, who were surprised that there is even such a thing. I even bought some and sent them to Palestine on a convoy!!

Actually, it took maybe a total of about 6 months of trying the cup before I felt confident about it entirely.  Therefore, to most ladies out there  who are determined to gain the freedom, ease, convenience, and total comfort during their period as they are while it is not on, I say keep trying. We know our bodies really well and can learn even more by getting to know our vagina better.

The cup is a personal thing, going into a personal space inside your body. No matter what advice, tips and ideas, and tricks others come up with, you may still need to fiddle with what works for you. Our vaginas are as individual as we are so give yourself real time to get the cup to work.

At first maybe you will leak or it will hurt or there will be some discomfort, or it just wont feel right for some reason but if you persist, getting to know your body and what it allows and what it can't deal with, etc. However the cup works and works extremely well!

The cup is extremely convenient, being the only product you would need and if you are having some leakage, maybe a pad or two extra on your heavy days. And once you learn your body well, you shouldn't need any pads whatsoever.

The best part of having and using the menstrual cup is that you insert and forget extra about menstrual products. It is almost unbelievable how free you actually end up feeling. Imagine leaving your home for a busy day and not have to remember to bring enough change of pads/tampons! I love it, especially on long flights crossing oceans and continents! Just me and my cup until I reach my destination.

Once I had to fly for nearly 18 hours with a stopover in Germany (I don't speak of lick of the language and their staff don't usually speak English). I was also travelling with kids so LOVED the fact that I didn't have to pack extra pads with me. I ended up losing our passports and had to spend another 36 hours at the airport. I ran out of diapers, baby milk, clean clothes for kids, and nearly everything I'd carried to be supplemented. Except my period matters. I emptied my cup when I needed to and re-inserted then would wash my privates with tap water saved in a bottle, ensuring I remain clean and preventing odor.

I was extremely thankful for whoever had invented the cup (I didn't know the original inventor at that time) and the silicone used in the cup!

Since then, I've become like the menstrual cup ambassador. I love this product and I recommend it to every woman. Do not hesitate. It removes any and all shackles concerning menstruation. Mine has seen me through thick and thin, bad days, low cervix, tilted uterus, 2 miscarriages and 3 births! It has traveled with me to three different continents and currently occupies a prized place above my bathroom cabinet.

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