Why should you choose the Blossom Menstrual Cup?

Besides doing your part in bringing down pollution to our earth , it also increase self-esteem and confidence of the woman who takes her personal health into her control and management.

Not only are you caring for the environment and future generations to come, but you no longer follow the 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality encouraged by media outlets when it comes to the most feminine part of you. Using a Menstrual Cup encourages the woman to know and keep track of her cycles and she is no longer caught by surprise. The woman also becomes more familiar with her cycle and the needs of her body. Her sense of femininity increases because she is not in denial nor is this part of her considered dirty anymore, just a part of her body's natural cycle.

The Blossom Cup is easy to use, easy and pretty discreet to carry and use in public places, is extremely handy in situations where you run out of excess pads/tampons, and being reusable, reduces the monthly costs extensively.

The one time purchase easily carries you for up to 15 years (with proper care of your Blossom Cup). At current prices, the pads or tampons will cost you at least $1000-$2000 in that same time span, not to mention fill up landfills, contributing to the current level of destroying the planet.

The Blossom Menstrual Cup is better than even the most earth friendly pad because there is no waste to dispose of. It is the most earth friendly of all options when it comes to caring for your body's needs. And using it is literately as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply insert, into the body the same way a tampon is and is removed by pulling at the stem bit the way you would pull a tampon's string. The contents are disposable into the toilet and the cup can then be re-inserted. Caring for your blossom Cup is also very easy. Simply wash with water during use and washed with soap and water and can use 9 part water and 1 part vinegar for extra safety after your period. It is then stored at room temperature in a dry state until it is again needed.