Top 5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Blossom Cup Now

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Blossom Cup Now

The Number 5 Reason is:  Its Economical... Don't you want to save Money in this down sliding economy?  With all the things going on right now, you do not need to worry about adding your Menstrual to the balance sheet ;)   With Blossom Cup you only have to worry for the one time price of $16.95 for the next 5-10 years or so of  your menstrual cycles. Give yourself a raise and remove the extra monthly expense on us :)  

 Number 4 Reason to choose Blossom:  It is health conscious alternative.  Yes, we all should care about the earth and our bodies.  With Blossom Menstrual cup You are doing both and empowering yourself towards a healthier world.  As women we should leave a great legacy of compassion and what a better way to show compassion than to reduce the amount of landfill your menstrual may produce using disposable?  

Number 3 Reason you should Pick up your Blossom Cup is to add value to your life. Yes, the menstrual cup will add value by bringing you a less cramp menstrual and less bloody menstrual.  Why?  because its design to work with your natural body to collect the menstrual vs drying you out.  Unlike disposable pads and tampons, Blossom Cup collects your menstrual, leaving you less dry and less crampy. 

Number 2 Reason You should not wait to pick up your Blossom Cup right now is how easy it is to use it.  Imagine... no more running to the store because your menstrual is coming.  With Blossom Cup, you just drop it into your purse, and head wherever your heart desire.  No more being scared of swimming during menstruation. Or how about running a marathon?  You can be as active as you like without worrying about that embarrassing feeling of being caught unprepared ;) 

And the number 1 reason you should have Blossom Cup with you is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  How can you beat that?  if you do not love it, you can contact us and get your full refund including shipping.  How is that for satisfaction?   Don't wait girlfriend, get yours right now at  and let the world know about the Blossom liberation :) 






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