Blossom Menstrual Cup is conceived and run by women for women. We are two mothers inspired to care for the Earth, and we have the unshakable belief that the pure solutions are always the best. Blossom Cup is made out of the highest quality of FDA approved medical grade silicone & color pigments, which is latex-free, pliable, 100% hypoallergenic and odorless to serve women of all sizes and shapes.


Menstruation is still shun and treated in unthinkable way in numerous nations. In a few third world countries, it is forbidden to integrate with society, to the point that ladies are barred from their families during that sensitive time of the month. In addition, many of these young ladies regularly can't bear the cost of buying disposable pads and tampons month after month. Therefore, they tend to remain at home instead of going to class or work. We need to break the grisly forbidden. We need to begin the discussion about the monthly cycle and discuss female bodies straight forwardly. With the Blossom Menstrual Cup, we change the story: from rejected to engaged, regardless of the period. Because of this, Blossom Cup has dedicated a portion of profits of every cup we sell to supporting feminine hygiene education and kits for women and girls who are less fortunate. We believe in our Cause and our Blossom cup is breaking the norms,sharing its resources, and raising confidence in girls all over the world.

When you utilize your Blossom menstruation cup, you can feel sure that you are doing your part in raising awareness and opening doors for not just yourself but other girls who are not as fortunate.

Time is up for these chemicals loaded disposable pads and tampons. Blossom cup is hands down the most comfortable, economical menstrual cup in the industry, which has proven to be a favorite among cup users. It has a length that is most compatible with different sizes and shapes, a stem that is ridged and flexible, larger air holes for easier release, as well as a soft appearance that is, well, feminine and beautiful. Each of our Menstrual Cup comes with a beautiful storage pouch and instructionmanual for your use.