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 5.0 out of 5 starsFirst-Time Menstrual Cup User

on April 28, 2015

I just finished my first cycle with this cup, and I was very pleased with it! I've used tampons for years, and this took me a few days to get the hang of. Now, if you're not familiar with the anatomy of your inner lady bits, learning how to use these things will make you get to know them a lot better! There are a number of different folds to try out (YouTube was a good resource for this, as others have mentioned), and I found the best fold that suited me was to simply fold it in half. It's easiest to insert when sitting on the toilet, bearing down and relaxing your muscles (if it's still too difficult, squatting in the shower might be more helpful). This cup is quite soft, so I didn't get feel it "pop" open like I was expecting. To ensure that it's open inside, you have to gently move your finger around the cup (rotating it too helps) and make sure it's unfolded on all sides. If it's in properly, you won't be able to feel it.

I was worried about the stem seeming so short (I'm used to the 3 or 4 inches of tampon strings lol), but the trick to removing the cup without much discomfort is to let your vaginal muscles do the work -- sit on the toilet (or squat in the shower), and bear your muscles down and relax (like you were when you were inserting it). This'll help bring the cup significantly lower and make it easier for your to reach in, pinch the cup to break the suction seal, and remove it easily.

I got a little frustrated the first few days of use, but once I found my perfect "fold" and knew exactly how to remove it, it became awesome. Plus, I think it actually cut down on any "menstrual odor", no more tampon reek (sorry TMI). It's not irritating like tampons, and I loooooove that I can use it when I simply *THINK* I'm getting my period (no more wasted pads/pantyliners for "just in case"!), all the way until I'm just spotting (no more "light" tampons drying me out down there). I change it twice a day at the start of my period, but after that it's just once a day until I'm done. I recommend using a pantyliner with it for the first few days (or first couple of cycles if you haven't gotten the hang of it yet) until you get used to inserting it properly.

I'm glad I found this cup before shelling out for the pricier brand. Good quality (and good customer service).

(I'm 28 years old, never had any children, and I ordered the large size.)

5.0 out of 5 stars Why Isn't There a Monument to the Inventor of This Thing?

on April 14, 2016

If you're reading reviews considering switching to a cup, then you've doubtless already seen thousands of women telling you how great they are. I agree with them, but I wanted to offer my experience and hopefully helpful tips to do my part to spread the Gospel of the Cup.

First, I'm a maxipad girl. I've used tampons very reluctantly because they always seem to press on my bladder so I constantly feel the need to pee. And as I've gotten older, my period has gotten heavier and more unpredictable (possible uterine fibroid), so I've been using a LOT of pads. In fact, I had gone so far as to place an order for a pair of Thinx (period panties) when I saw that someone suggested a cup instead on some online forum. I canceled the Thinx and ordered the Blossom (at half the price, I should mention).

It arrived right on the first day of my next period so I got no chance for a "dry run" (which many people advise against anyway). Talk about being thrown in at the deep end.

I'm now on day three and have spent a lot of time interacting with the cup. It "frees you from your period"? I don't think I've ever spent so much time up in my business than I have in the past three days.

Before I waste anyone's time, my biggest warning is this product isn't for the squeamish. You WILL get blood on you, at least at first. My bathroom looks like an amateur horror movie set every time I try to change it. For this reason, I can't imagine having to change it in a public restroom just yet. But the good thing about blood is it washes off, and if you keep reading, you'll see a little mess is well worth it.

(Speaking of mess, I got to experience my worst fear almost immediately. Had to change it in the middle of the night the first night. Between being half asleep and having inserted the cup too far, when I pulled it out it was coated with blood and very slippery. Straight into the toilet it fell. I instantly regretted buying pale yellow (so pick a more vibrant color if you can). I had to fish it out barehanded. It wasn't the end of the world, and I've handled worse. I did clean it up and leave it to air out the rest of the night for hygiene purposes. I had been using it about 8 hours, and going back to just a pad already reminded me how much I hate them, especially while sleeping.)

So far the hardest thing about using the cup is inserting it properly. It's not an exact science and every woman has to work out the method best for her through trial and error (fortunately there are a bunch of YouTube videos and online forums to walk you through). To be more specific, for me inserting wasn't the problem as much as making sure the cup opened up once in. I had a devil of a time (so much so that I started to wonder if I chose the wrong size or firmness; I've never had a baby but I'm over 40 so I went with large) until yesterday I think I finally hit upon my method. For me, the "punch down" fold works best (makes the point of entry about the size of a tampon), but even more crucially is position. Sitting on the toilet required multiple attempts and much frustration (at one point I had to pull up YouTube on my phone while sitting there, I was so defeated). Then I tried one leg on the tub and squatting as deeply as I could, and that made all the difference. Went straight in and opened much easier. Not the most graceful of postures, but nothing about our periods is a beauty contest.

Another important factor is position inside you. At first I pushed it as far in as I could which, while it made me feel secure about leakage, pressed against my bladder like a tampon so I felt the constant need to pee (as well as led to the very unfortunate incident described above). After a day of that I tried the exact opposite, so low it was practically protruding from my opening (the instructions say that the stem is supposed to be "completely outside your body.") I also had no leaks this way, but it made any kind of sitting a very delicate and uncomfortable affair.

Obviously, the correct answer is somewhere in the middle. In fact, the technique that works for me is pushing it all the way in, then pulling down again to help open it up, then when it's down low enough to ascertain it's open push it back in about half that distance (don't forget twisting it in a circle to get the seal). The stem is technically outside my body (I have very large lips) but doesn't feel like I'm birthing a child all day, and no pressure on my bladder at all. I finally can't even feel it anymore. (Also I change it about 30 minutes before leaving the house or going to bed, so I can ensure there's no leaking while there's time to fix it.)

Pulling it out at first was a little painful too. It's not enough to pinch the bottom to break the seal, you have to get your fingers past the rim and fold it down again to REALLY break the seal. Again, all trial and error learning curve.

Now for the good stuff. Trust me, learning how to use the cup is a challenge WELL WORTH overcoming. The only leakage I've had was from the cup not opening properly, the rest of the time it's been as if I didn't even have my period. If you had told me the cup would let me go road biking on day one of my period and keep my shorts bone dry, even without underwear (except sweat, which isn't nearly as upsetting); would let me sleep through the night without suddenly waking up two or three times with that unpleasant oozing sensation, worried I would stain the sheets; would let me get through my whole cycle with just pantyliners (and hopefully nothing at all when I become a real pro); would mean not having to plan travel and major events around my cycle; would mean no more cramps (seriously, I've had none. Do maxipads cause cramps??); to say nothing of the saving money and reducing waste -- I would have bought one DECADES AGO.

It DOES free you from your period. It IS worth it. Join us!

Three-month update: This month I switched to the small Blossom (again, I'm 46 but never had children). This has been much, much easier to use so I guess size matters. I've uploaded photos (blue is the small), and you can see the difference looks negligible but it really isn't. The small opens much easier, in fact on the first try every time so far. This is good, because the bad is the capacity really is less and I need to change it more frequently (in fact, on the first night I soaked through all my clothes because I sleep so soundly with the cup). I went back to the large once, where I had leakage because I still have trouble opening it properly. So it's a trade-off. I prefer the small because trying to open the large is so incredibly frustrating for me. Fortunately the Blossom is so affordable it shouldn't be a hardship for you to try both to figure out what works best for you.
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5.0 out of 5 starsLife changer

on March 25, 2015

Received mine a day before my cycle, which was perfect timing! I have been battling recurring bacteria and thought this might help to relieve that. After antibiotics, I used the cup. Here was my experience summed up.

Insertion: easy from just the instructions that came with. Had a little leakage around it from not getting a good enough seal. Although by the third time I emptied it, no more leakage. Just took practice.
Removal: had some trial and error with this. First few times were a little painful, mainly because I didn't use my muscles to help it down, I just pulled. I checked out a YouTube video and figured it out. After that, no mess and no pain!
While inside: had no feeling of it, once inserted properly and snug, I couldn't tell it was there. Even more so than a small tampon. I had read people's comments about less cramps and was skeptical, but it was true. I had way less cramping than with tampons, as well as NO pressure in that area like I normally would with a tampon. This was a miracle!
Body balance: I had battled bacteria issues with maintaining my pH and such. After some research I learned that tampons can cause this. I bought this hoping it would keep that at bay and it did that and so much more.
Changing/emptying: I normally went through a whole 50 pack of Kotex tampons in one cycle. I was nervous I would overflow with a heavy cycle, but the directions said it wouldn't happen. Sure enough, it didn't happen. Not only that, I only had to empty it 3 times the first day (mostly because I wasn't sure how often to do it as it was my first time) and once a day for the rest of the days. Can't you imagine? Only having to think about your period once a day?! It's real, it works, and it's amazing.
Overall: if you're looking for any sort of ease with your period and aren't afraid to try something different, try this. I am so pleased and thankful that someone out there thought of this. I have been telling anyone who talks to me about their girly problems. I would make a billboard if I could.

5.0 out of 5 starsWill Revolutionize The Way You Do Your Period, Period!

on June 25, 2015

Size: Small|Color: Red|Verified Purchase

So, I'm one of those women who cringe at the idea of using tampons without an applicator, but I'm also pretty all natural and was looking for eco-conscious alternatives to managing my menstrual cycle. I recently made the switch to organic tampons and was considering buying cloth pads and pantyliners but both were cost prohibitive and the idea of using washable pads and pantyliners just doesn't do it for me. Enter in the blossom cup. WOW. TOTAL LIFE CHANGE. After just one cycle of using this cup, I AM SOLD SOLD SOLD and highly recommending to all my friends and family.


Yes it took some fidgeting and google searches, the first day or so to master inserting the cup. Yes it was a little awkward and a little messy and a little frustrating BUT persist. It is worth the minor inconvenience of getting the technique down. By day two, I felt like I was in menstrual city heaven. Absolutely no leakage onto my pantyliners. NONE at all. NONE! I didn't even feel like I had my period. I also felt strangely empowered to actually see how much fluid I was losing with my cycle, rather than just seeing a bloody mess with tampons and pads and never really knowing how much blood my body was shedding. I even went running with the cup on day two without any hang ups.

If you are looking for an eco-conscious, affordable, natural alternative to managing your menstrual cycle -look no further. Try the Blossom Cup. Soft material, perfect size grab stub, durable.

Helpful hint for insertion: Other people's pointers really helped me so I'm sharing what I learned. C-fold, sitting on the toileting but learning back towards the tank. Insert the cup horizontally, not far into the vaginal canal and twist upwards as its inserted (envision the C twisiting up to a U) The pop, vacuum noise every time when I did it like, this let me know I had a good seal.

If you had any hesitations like I did (it took me about 6months of looking up cups and reviews and thinking about it), Just make the buy! I only regret not doing it sooner!

5.0 out of 5 starsThe review I wish I had!

on March 31, 2016

Size: Small|Color: Blue|Verified Purchase

SO...as I'm sure you've gathered from other reviews, and if you aren't interested in hearing details about this product, you should skip my review.
For reference, I bought the SMALL size. I have never had a child and regularly participate in sex. So now you can better understand what condition my whole situation is in.

So I bought this cup last month just in time for the last few days of my last cycle. I had a very difficult time getting it situated, didn't really read many reviews or tips, and just ended up very sore and very disappointed. I have used tampons for the 13+ years I've been doing this dance, which are becoming super expensive, and since I use the Pearl and Sport plastic applicators, I was really doing a number on the environment. I've heard of these menstrual cups for a while now and honestly never even considered jumping on this train until I just recently stumbled upon a very convincing review on Facebook.


After my first experience, as I mentioned, I was very sore and very disappointed. I had tried the "C" fold method (just folded in half vertically) and found that it was really uncomfortable to literally shove up there with just water to act as an ineffective lube. Also, while inside, it wasn't "expanding" to make a seal and it just stayed in the C shape! I was so frustrated. I tried spinning it, pulling it, everything. It was rough. I gave up.
Cue my next cycle, and as I sit here half-way through the second full-flow day, I am wondering where this product has been my entire womanhood?!

What I did and PRO TIPS:
-I rinsed the cup and tried the C-fold just like before. It was not enough with just water, so I used a small amount of coconut oil (any natural/lube product should work) around the rim to give it a little slip.
-I also put the oil on my fingers so I could maneuver the thing once it was placed.
-It was STILL not expanding and it remained folded while inside and obviously wasn't going to be doing a very good catching job.
-With my lightly oiled finger, I felt around the cup and, quite forcefully, pushed in right beside the fold to try and pop it out.
-When you receive your cup, you'll see it's flexible yet firm-ish, so it has some give but holds a shape well. Because of this, it will "snap" into place with enough PATIENT pushing.
-This is weird, but also if you push against your wall (making more room for the cup) you can allow a bit of air to help let the cup expand...it's a little more cramped up there than you'd think.
-Once you feel it change into its natural shape, feel around the cup in a circle and you should know for sure.
-Try this in the shower the first time! You can get yourself in more positions and it's just much more relaxing/stress-free.
-STAY. CALM. As with anything down there (like if you've ever gotten a Mirena IUD *eye roll*) you need to relax so you aren't subconsciously clenching or tensing up. Breaaaaaathe.
-The little nib thing...the tail? hahah...is not going to be visible (at least not for me) when properly placed. I would say it's a knuckle or two deep?
-Use the nib to FIND the cup - not remove it - and to help convince yourself IT WILL NOT GET LOST when you feel it.
-For removal, focus on popping the seal and bear down, pinch the tip of the dome and GENTLY pull down while bearing down.
-It's got enough grip on it that it shouldn't be slipping out of your fingers. It comes out much easier than it goes in.
-The rest is pretty self-explanatory...and also mentioned in the instructions as well as all the other reviews.

**From what I've gathered, you can keep this sucker in much longer than tampons - as long as it takes to fill capacity. I have gotten infections from leaving a tampon in too long or having such a heavy flow that they sit longer than they should (just being honest) and my current period routine is - wake up around 7am on day 1 of period (which I know because I'm on birth control pill) - shower/insert - go about my day - get home around 6pm - remove in the comfort of my own home, reinsert - go to bed, wake up, go to gym - shower, empty and reinsert - repeat until end of period. I have it in constantly, changing in morning and at night. Sleep with it in, exercise/run with it in, use the bathroom with it in, work with it in, and I have never once felt that it's there until I go fishing for it.

I really hope you made it through this freaking novel of a review because I really really want to get as many women on this train as possible!!! There is also a warranty! After 90 days (3 periods) if you're still stumped, contact them and get your money back! I'm not sure the specifics of the policy, but it says there's a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and I think that's very important.
For the environment, for your sanity, and for your badass femininity, PLEASE consider making the switch! You have the ability to have SO much more control over your period and I encourage you to own it!

5.0 out of 5 starsFirst time user - wish I found this sooner!!!

on January 12, 2016

Size: Small|Color: Red|Verified Purchase

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. It is exactly what I needed at half the price of the other menstrual cups! I started out with some disposable menstrual cups from the drugstore, and those worked pretty well for me. They were different in a lot of ways from reusable cups, so I thought this cup would work even better. I ordered the small cup in red, which is really more of a gorgeous pink, and hopefully won't show any stains over time. I finished up my period with this cup - I was excited about my period, for the first time in my life. I could not feel it inside of me at all. (If you do, just readjust it, it probably wasn't inserted correctly as I've learned) There is a learning curve, as with any new product, and after a little trial and error I feel much more comfortable using it. There was also a very straightforward, easy to understand instruction card in the package! Also there is no period smell. Tampons and pads just have that awful smell. Menstrual cups do not!!! My period is now a pleasant experience, without the waste or hassle. Thank you Blossom cup.
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Great product!

By yorkiemom on February 24, 2015

I have been using menstrual cups for almost a year now and they have literally changed my life. I am always eager to try a new cup and explore the expanding market of reusable menstrual products, and so when I was offered to get the Blossom Cup (size 2) for a promotional price, I accepted without hesitation. I received my cup very quickly and I just finally got a chance to try it this month. The silicone is very soft and smooth and like my other soft cups (Sckooncup, SiBell) the cup opens really well for me with the labia fold. While I wouldn't reach for it on my heaviest day - just because I have cups with higher capacity, like my Yuuky large, that allow me to empty my cup every 8 hours - the Blossom is perfect for the last couple of days of my cycle. It's so soft that I will literally forget I'm on my period, and go about my day's activities and workouts without a worry. At the end of my period, I wash it really well with antibacterial soap (or boil it every few months) and store it in its cute little pouch until the following month. This is definitely a product I would recommend to anybody interested in making the switch from (nasty) disposable menstrual products. It will change your life forever and you will never look back!

Great cup!

By Cora H. on February 20, 2015

This is a very soft cup. Good if you get bad cramps. Comes with a nice pouch with short, simple, easy to follow instructions. Shipping was fast. First time using it, it was a little hard to get it to open. After trying a few folds, the 7 fold works best for me. After a few days of practice, it pops right open! I would compare this cup to a lunette model 2 (my "goldielocks" cup) but much, much softer! This might be my new goldielocks cup!

Pros: I had no leaks! Holds a lot! Can't feel it once inserted. Easy to clean. Stem is firm and bold but didn't bother me at all.

Cons: The grip rings are a little hard to grab. Had to use my finger nails a couple of times.

Overall, it's a great cup!

The Quality is Amazing

By Holly on February 14, 2015

Received this product very quickly. Best impressed with the soft silicone quality had issues with others being to stiff. Cups allow me the freedom to work my job as a visiting nurse with peace of mind and control.

Better than The Diva Cup!

By Vanessa H on February 13, 2015

I was a Diva Cup enthusiast. This cup beats the Diva Cup hands down! The price is also a lot better than the Moon Cup. The Blossom Cup is a lot softer and easier to insert. I also haven't had any leaks with this cup. If you are a first time user, I highly recommend watching a few You Tube videos that explain how to insert. There will be some trial and error in the beginning, but you will love it! I use the Target brand of Feminine wash daily. It's so much cheaper and just as effective as other menstrual cup washing soap.

Great product!

By Cory Schaub on February 5, 2015

Really enjoy the economical value of this product. What a great way to help the environment and my pocketbook.

Awesome, Easy and Comfortable

By Marie Preston on February 3, 2015

This Menstrual Cup is super comfortable and even the stem is comfortable =) it lasts me all day at work and all night in bed. It goes in quite easy and it isn't difficult to get out. And it doesn't make it difficult to use the restroom like my other cup does. I'm very satisfied with this cup =)

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